Tape Measures

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Tape measures are flexible ruler used to measure distance or length. The tool typically consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, or metal with linear measurement markings. Tape measures are common in woodworking, carpentry, construction, and other activities that require precise measurements.

The most common type of tape measure is the retractable or self-retracting variant. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that allows users to pull the tape out, as well as retract it back into its case. The measurements are marked in inches or centimeters, and there are usually markings for both imperial and metric units on the same tape.

How to Use a Tape Measure

Using this measuring tool is straightforward. Simply extend the tape to the desired length, press the tape against the surface of the object, and read the measurement where the tape meets the surface. 

The locking mechanism can help keep the tape extended for ease of use. Releasing it will allow the tape to retract back to its casing.

Shopping for Tape Measures

Tape measures come in various lengths, typically ranging from a few feet to several meters. Some are digital, while some even have magnetic and laser features.

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