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A center finder is a tool or device used to locate the exact center of a circular or cylindrical object. It is essential in woodworking, metalworking, as well as various crafting and manufacturing applications.

Center Finder Types

Center finders come in different forms, here are some of the most common ones:

Milescraft 8408 Center Finder
Milescraft 8408 Center Finder (Amazon’s Choice)
  • Center Punch: A center punch is a handheld tool with a sharp point on one end and a handle on the other. To find the center of a circular object, users need to place the point of the tool on the object’s surface and strike it with a hammer. This creates a small indentation which woodworkers can use as a reference point for various operations such as drilling.
  • Center Square: A center square is a more sophisticated tool that consists of a square or rectangular frame with a center-finding mechanism at its intersection. By placing the center square on a circular object, users can determine the exact center point where the two arms of the square intersect.
  • Center Finder Ruler: Some rulers and measuring tools come with built-in center-finding features. These rulers have markings and notches that users can align with the object’s diameter.
  • Compass or Dividers: Compasses or dividers are suitable for finding the center of a circle. Users can adjust the legs of the tool to match the diameter and find the point where it intersects with the circle’s edge. This point represents the center.
  • Center Finder Jig: In machining and metalworking, center finder jigs are often used to locate the center of a cylindrical workpiece. Operators can clamp these jigs to the workpiece and they have mechanisms that help identify the center accurately.

Buying Center Finders

Center finder by DDWT
Center finder by DDWT (Amazon’s Choice)

Here are some tips to help woodworkers find the best center finders in the market:

  • Know the specific requirements for the tasks at hand
  • Know the different types of center finders
  • Understand the various features to look for in the tool
  • Research and compare different variants and brands
  • Consider the pricing and build quality
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