Tool Set by Jar-Owl

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The Tool Set by Jar-Owl features a cordless power drill along with a variety of hand tools and accessories for different woodworking and home improvement tasks. 

Basically, the “comprehensive kit” also includes essential tools such as screwdrivers, spirit level, hammer, utility knife, and many more.

The set is available on top e-commerce platform Amazon where it has 4.3 out of 5 stars score (1,537 ratings).

Jar-Owl Tool Set: 108-Piece Kit 

Here are some of the tools included in the package:

  • Power Drill: A power drill is a tool that can bore holes and drive screws into various materials. Jar-owl’s power drill comes with an LED to light up dark spots in the workspace. Moreover, the drill has a two-gear option with a 247 in-lbs max torque for high (0-1350rpm) or low (0-350rpm) speed drilling/driving speeds.
  • Claw Hammer: A claw hammer is a tool that can drive nails and remove them from surfaces.
  • Hand Saw: A hand saw has a blade with teeth along the edge that can cut through wood.
  • Vise: A vise is useful for securely holding workpieces in place while woodworkers perform various operations such as sawing, drilling, planing, and carving.
  • Screwdriver: Screwdriver is a simple hand tool that workers use for turning screws. This tool set comes with different types of screwdrivers (Philips, precision, etc.).
  • Box Cutter: A box cutter, or utility knife, is a retractable cutting tool used for woodworking, crafting, construction, and general use. 
  • Spirit Level: A spirit level is a woodworking tool that determines if a surface is level or plumb.
  • Tape Measure: A tape measure is a flexible ruler that workers use for measuring distances, lengths, and dimensions.

Other tools and accessories that woodworkers can find in the tool set are: lithium ion battery, charger, needle-nose pliers, wrench, wire stripper, voltage tester pen, hex key wrenches, and storage box, to name a few.

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