Bowl Sander

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A bowl sander, also known as a sanding bowl or sanding disc, is a specialized woodworking tool used for sanding the surfaces of concave or curved wooden objects. This tool is common among woodturners and craftspeople who create decorative or functional items on wood.

A bowl sander usually consists of a flat, round sanding disc or pad that users can attach to a spindle or mandrel. The sanding disc is often covered with sandpaper or an abrasive pad that conforms to the shape of the workpiece.

Some bowl sanders are also designed to work with power drills, while others are made for use with a lathe. 

Bowl Sander with Dual Bearing Head (Amazon's Choice)
Sander with Dual Bearing Head (Amazon’s Choice)

Bowl Sander Uses

Bowl sanders have a variety of uses, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Bowl and Dish Finishing: Bowl sanders are specifically designed for sanding and smoothing the surfaces of bowls, dishes, and other curved objects. 
  • Hollow Forms: Bowl sanders are useful for sanding and smoothing the interior of hollow forms such as vases and containers. 
  • Woodturning Projects: Woodturners use bowl sanders to refine the shape and finish of turned objects such as bowls, platters, and goblets. 
  • Fine Detail Work: These sanders are suitable for projects that require fine detailing and a high level of precision.
  • Restoration and Repairs: Bowl sanders are suitable for restoring antique or damaged wooden items with curved surfaces.
  • DIY Projects: Hobbyists can use this type of sander to achieve pro-level results.
  • Bowl Sanding without Lathe: Some bowl sanders allow users to sand curved surfaces without the need for a lathe.
  • Arts and Crafts: Lastly, a bowl sander is also useful for artistic and craft projects.

Buying Bowl Sanders

Here are some tips that woodworkers can follow to help them find the best bowl sanders:

  • Determine the woodshop’s needs
  • Research on the different bowl sander types
  • Check reviews and recommendations
  • Check the pricing
  • Compare features
  • Consider warranty and customer support
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