Sanding Sticks

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Sanding sticks are handy tools used in woodworking, craft and DIY projects, to shape and smooth surfaces that other sanding tools cannot access. Basically, they are useful for precise and controlled sanding procedures.

A sanding stick typically consists of a narrow, elongated stick or rod with an abrasive material attached to one or more sides. This abrasive surfaces are usually made of sandpaper, emery cloth, or mesh.

Types of Sanding Sticks

A sanding stick comes in various shapes and sizes, including flat, round, triangular, and cylindrical, to accommodate different surface contours and workpieces. Some sanding sticks even have a soft foam or rubber core that provides flexibility and allows for contour sanding.

Uses in Woodworking

A sanding stick is suitable for woodworking tasks such as:

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  • Smoothing rough or uneven edges on wooden workpieces, as well as other materials such as metal and plastic.
  • Removing splinters, burrs, or imperfections from a workpiece.
  • Shaping and refining small or intricate details in a project.
  • Useful for fine-tuning joints to make them fit perfectly together.
  • Preparing tight spaces, corners, and hard-to-reach areas for finishing, such as painting and varnishing.
  • Helps maintain tools such as chisels and planes, with its capability to remove rust and sharpen metal. 
  • They are also useful in woodworking disciplines such as fretwork and marquetry.

Buying Sanding Sticks

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for sanding sticks:

  • Grit Types: Sanding sticks come in various grit types, from coarse to fine. The grit determines the abrasive quality of the stick. For example, coarse grits (60-120) are suitable for rapid material removal, while finer grits (220-600) are good for smoothing and finishing.
  • Material: They usually come with sandpaper, abrasive cloth, or abrasive sponge tips.
  • Size and Shape: Consider the size and shape of the sanding stick based on the scale of the projects at hand.
  • Variety Pack: Some sticks come in variety packs that include a range of grits.
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