Metal Detectors

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Metal detectors are electronic devices that can detect and respond to metal objects or substances in their vicinity. The tool is also useful in woodworking although it is more common in security screening, archeology, treasure hunting, and industrial applications.

Basically, a metal detector works based on the principles of electromagnetic induction. They generate an electromagnetic field around a coil or antenna. A metal object will then disrupt this field as it comes to contact, causing the tool to emit an audible or visual signal.

Uses of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors have several important uses in woodworking, here are some of them:

  • Wood Quality Control: A metal detector can scan raw wood materials for any hidden metal contaminants. This helps in preventing metal from entering the production process and ensures wood quality. 
  • Detecting Embedded Metal Objects: Some wood products such as reclaimed wood may contain nails, screws, or staples. Metal detectors can locate these objects, which require removal since they can cause damage to woodworking tools and machinery.
  • Equipment Protection: Users can integrate these tools into woodworking equipment such as planers and jointers. Automatic shutdown mechanisms allow woodworkers to prevent costly equipment damage.
  • Safety: Detecting and removing metals from workpieces can help prevent accidents and injuries caused by metal fragments. Moreover, it can also prevent fires as a result of a combination of metal sparks and flammable dust.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In some woodworking industries, detection and removal of metal contaminants from wood is a crucial requirement. A metal detector can help a woodshop comply for legal purposes.

Buying A Metal Detector

We have narrowed down some of the best metal detectors for woodworking (available on Amazon).

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