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A jointer is a woodworking machine used to create a flat and smooth surface on the edge or the face of a board (or piece of wood). It is essential for preparing wood for further processing, such as joining pieces together. 

Jointers come with a cutting head equipped with multiple rotating blades that remove material from high spots on the wood’s surface. This process ensures that the pieces are uniform in thickness with a straight and square edge.

Types of Jointers

There are several types of jointers, each with its own specific use and features. Here are the most common ones:

WEN JT630 Benchtop jointer
WEN JT630 Benchtop Jointer (Amazon’s Choice)
  • Benchtop Jointer: This compact version is suitable for small to medium-size woodworking projects. 
  • Closed Stand Jointer: These jointers are larger and more robust than benchtop models, with a closed stand for added stability. This feature makes them suitable for heavier woodworking tasks.
  • Open Stand Jointer: Similar to closed stand jointers, but with an open stand. This feature may provide storage space or allow for the collection of significant wood chips.
  • Long-bed Jointer: These variants have extended tables, which provide more surface area for supporting and jointing longer boards.

Jointer Handling Safety

Handling jointers require utmost safety to avoid accidents and injuries. Here are a few tips for safer woodworking operations involving jointers:

  • Training and Supervision: Newbies are advised to seek training from an experienced woodworker before operating a jointer.
  • Wear Safety Gear: Wear safety goggles, hearing protection, and dust masks or respirators.
  • Keep Safety Guards On:  Never remove or bypass any safety guards or shields on the machine.
  • Use Dust Collection: Jointers can create a lot of dust and debris. Operators are advised to use a dust collector or a shop vacuum to keep the workplace free from harmful particles.
  • Use Push Sticks or Push Blocks: When feeding wood through the machine, use a push stick or a push block. This helps keep hands and fingers away from the spinning blades.
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