Wood Scraper

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A wood scraper is a woodworking hand tool used for removing material from the surface of wood. It is suitable for tasks such as smoothing rough wood, removing paint or varnish, and shaping wooden objects. Basically, most scrapers consist of a blade or scraper edge and a handle.

Wood Scraper Types

There are several types of wood scrapers, each designed for specific tasks and applications. Here are the most common ones:

  • Card Scraper: These are small, handheld scrapers made from thin, flexible steel or other materials. They are useful for smoothing surfaces, removing finish, or even shaping wood.
  • Cabinet Scraper: These are larger and thicker than card scrapers. They are suitable for smoothing and leveling wood surfaces, or shaping wood.
  • Curved Scraper: A curved scraper is a curved or concave working edge. This is ideal for smoothing and shaping curved or irregular surfaces, such as the inside of a bowl or the contours of a carved piece.
  • Scraper Plane: A scraper plane is a specialized hand plane designed for scraping surfaces. It typically has a flat sole and a blade with a slight curve, allowing it to take fine shavings and create a smooth surface.
  • Burnisher: While not a wood scraper itself, a burnisher is an essential tool for creating and maintaining the burr on scraper edges.
  • Scraper Sets: Some woodworkers prefer using sets of scrapers, which may include various sizes and shapes of scrapers, along with a burnisher. This provides versatility, allowing users to tackle a wide range of tasks.

Shopping for Scrapers

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