Tool Sharpener

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A tool sharpener is used for sharpening and maintaining the cutting edges of various woodworking tools such as chisels, drills, planes, and saws. Keeping woodworking tools sharp is crucial for achieving clean and precise cuts, while reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, it also helps prolong the life of the tools.

There are a variety of tool sharpeners on the market today. Learn more about them and find the best deals for your woodshop as well.

Tool Sharpener Types

There are several devices for sharpening woodworking tools, here are some of them:

  • Bench Grinders: Bench grinders consist of motors with grinding wheels that woodworkers can use to sharpen tools.
  • Whetstones or Water Stones: Also known as sharpening stones, these abrasive stones require soaking in water before use. They are useful for maintaining and sharpening tools with precision.
  • Oil Stones: Similar to water stones but these use oil instead of water.
  • Diamond Stones: A diamond stone has a surface coated with industrial-grade diamonds. This tool sharpener is suitable for a wide range of woodworking tools.
  • Honing Guides: Often used with sharpening stones, honing guides are accessories that help woodworkers maintain consistent angles while sharpening the tools.
  • Sharpening Jigs: Sharpening jigs are useful for holding and guiding tools during the sharpening process. They are adjustable, allowing users to achieve specific angles and provide greater precision.
  • Triangular Saw Files: A triangular saw file is a tool sharpener used for sharpening the teeth of hand saws.
  • Drill Bit Sharpener: These sharpeners are crucial in maintaining the sharpness of drill bits. These devices come in manual, portable, and electric variants.
  • Tormek Sharpening System: The Tormek system is a comprehensive sharpening system designed specifically for woodworking tools. It consists of a slow-speed wet grinder, various jigs, and a honing wheel.
  • Diamond Sharpening Plates: Diamond sharpening plates have a flat surface coated with diamond particles. They are also available in various grits for different stages of sharpening.
  • Scary Sharp Method: This method involves using abrasive sheets such as sandpaper, attached to a flat surface. Users can slide their tools back and forth on the abrasive surface for sharpening.
  • Honing Strops: A honing strop is a leather or fabric strip coated with a honing compound. This tool sharpener is useful for the final polishing and honing of woodworking tools.
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