Tenon Cutter

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A tenon cutter is a woodworking tool used to create tenons by removing material from the end of a wooden piece. 

Tenon cutters typically consist of a cylindrical or auger-like cutting head with a blade (or blades) that cut the wood as it is turned. The tool has a handle which users can rotate either by hand, or with a power drill. 

Moreover, tenon cutters can also work in combination with other tools, such as mortising chisels, or a mortising machine. This allows users to create mortises that match the shape and size of the tenons, allowing for a snug and secure joint.

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What Are Tenons?

In woodworking and joinery, a tenon is a projection on the end of a piece of wood that fits into a corresponding hole or slot, called mortise. Tenons can help create strong and secure connections between two pieces of wood. They are common in the construction of furniture, doors, windows, and other wooden structures.

Tenon Cutter Types

Tenon cutters come in various shapes and sizes. Some are also suitable for specific tasks such as creating rustic furniture or log construction. 

The most common types of tenon cutters include the following:

  • Forstner Bits: These are drill bits with a flat bottom and sharp outer edge. This allows handlers to create flat-bottomed holes with precise dimensions for tenons.
  • Handheld Tenon Cutters: These are handheld cutting tools that can shape tenons on the end of wooden pieces. They consist of a cutting head with multiple blades or cutters that shape the wood as you rotate the tool around the workpiece.
  • Bench-Mounted Tenon Cutters: These are larger, more robust tools that operators can mount a workbench or a stand. They are suitable for cutting tenons on larger wooden components.
  • Adjustable Tenon Cutters: Some tenon cutters allow users to adjust the diameter of the tenon.
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