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Sawhorses are essential woodworking tools that provide a stable and elevated platform for cutting, assembling, and working with various materials. They come in various designs and materials, but the traditional wooden sawhorse remains a popular choice among woodworkers.

Also known as a “sawbuck,” a sawhorse typically consists of a pair of four-legged supports or frames that are shaped like the letter “A” or “X.”

Types of Sawhorses

There are various types of sawhorses built with different materials to cater to specific woodworking needs. Here are some of the most common ones

  • Traditional Sawhorse: Classic A-frame sawhorses made from wood or metal. They are sturdy and can support heavy loads.
  • Folding Sawhorse: These are great for easy storage and transportation. They often have collapsible legs and are a common choice among contractors and DIY enthusiasts on the go.
  • Adjustable Sawhorse: An adjustable sawhorse has a leg that users can extend or shortened to accommodate different heights.
  • Metal Sawhorse: Made of metal (typically steel) this variant is durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. They are suitable for outdoor construction projects.
  • Plastic Sawhorse: Lightweight and affordable, these are suitable for light-duty tasks and are easy to transport.
  • Horse Bench/Table Combo: Some sawhorses can double as workbenches or tables. They often have a larger top surface and additional features such as built-in vices, shelves, or tool holders.


Here are some accessories that woodworkers commonly use with a sawhorse:

  • Foldable Support Stand: These are lightweight, portable stands that can support materials like plywood sheets or doors. They are useful as auxiliary supports in larger projects.
  • Sawhorse Brackets: Instead of buying s pre-made sawhorse, woodworkers can purchase sawhorse brackets that allow them to create custom versions using lumber. This option provides flexibility in terms and material.
  • Carpenter’s Trestle: Trestle are similar to sawhorses but are often larger and more suited for heavy-duty tasks such as supporting large wooden beams or heavy machinery.
  • Material Support Arms: These attachable arms extend from the sawhorse to provide extra support for long workpieces such as lumber or plywood sheets. These help distribute the weight and prevent sagging.
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