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A push block is a safety tool used in woodworking to help protect hands and fingers when working with various power tools and machinery. Its primary purpose is to provide a stable and secure way to guide and push a workpiece through a cutting or shaping operation. This keeps the user at a safe distance from the cutting tool.

Push Block Types

Using push blocks can help prevent accidents and ensure precision in various woodworking projects. Here are the most common types of push blocks:

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  • Standard: This basic version comes with a handle and a rubberized or non-slip surface for pushing the workpiece.
  • V-Shaped: Suitable for narrow stock, this variant has a V-shaped groove that grips the workpiece securely.
  • Tapered: Suitable for working with narrow stock or when the user needs to apply pressure at an angle. 
  • Hook Push: This type has a hook-shaped end that can grip the workpiece and push it through the cutting tool.
  • Contoured: Contoured push blocks can accommodate irregularly shaped workpieces.
  • Jointer Push Block: These are suitable for jointers, specifically for flattening and squaring edges.

Machines and Tools

Woodworking machines and tools that benefit from push blocks include table saws, band saws, jointers, planers, routers, shapers, sanders, and many more.

Buying Push Blocks


Here are some factors to consider when shopping for push blocks:

  • Material: Look for push blocks made of durable and stable materials. This includes high-density plastic, rubber, or a combination of materials.
  • Grip: Make sure that the tool has a comfortable and secure grip. This helps prevent slippages during various woodworking operations.
  • Type: Choose the right type for the specific application. 
  • Safety Features: Some push blocks come with added safety features such as built-in magnets, non-slip pads, and ergonomic handles.
  • Compatibility: The push block should be compatible with woodworking tools, machines, and applications.
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