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Milescraft 4701 Pen Press
Milescraft 4701 Pen Press (Amazon’s Choice)

A pen press, also known as a pen assembly tool or pen mandrel press, is a tool used in woodworking to assemble pens. It is a vital piece for pen turners.

Crafting wooden pens requires pressing together various components such as the pen blanks, pen tubes, and pen nibs. A pen press has a sturdy frame and it can exert precise and even pressure. This ensures that all components are securely joined without damaging the wood and other parts.

Pen Presses come in various designs, but typically consist of a base, a mechanism for applying pressure, and adjustable components. Some may even have additional features such as digital readouts for pressure, which is useful for precision work.

How to Use a Pen Press

Here are the basic steps to using pen presses:

Pen Press by Savannah
Pen Press by Savannah (Amazon’s Choice)
  • Pen Blank Preparation: After turning and shaping the wooden pen blanks on a lathe, drill a hole into the blanks to accommodate the pen tube. Users can then glue these blanks onto the pen tubes.
  • Component Assembly: Insert the various pen components into the blanks. This includes the pen tube, and pen nib, etc.
  • Pen Press Operation: To assemble, place the pen between the tool’s pressing plates. Turn the handle or lever to apply controlled pressure and press the components together.
  • Glue Drying: After pressing the components together, let the glue dry and set for a certain amount of time.

Parts and Functions

Here are the components and functions of pen presses: 

  • Press Frame: Usually made of metal or wood, the frame of the tool serves as the structure that holds the pressing mechanism in place. This part may have one or more slots or openings to accommodate different pen sizes.
  • Pressing Mechanism: The pressing mechanism is the core of pen presses. It typically includes two pressing plates that users can operate by turning a handle or a lever. These plates apply pressure to press the pen’s components together.
  • Pressure Control: Operators can turn the handle or lever to adjust the pressure according to the specific requirements needed.
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