Miter Saw Protractor

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A miter saw protractor is a woodworking tool used for measuring and setting precise angles on a miter saw or other cutting tools. 

Also known as a “miter saw angle finder” or “protractor square,” the tool helps users to accurately cut materials at specific angles. This is useful for making bevel cuts, miter cuts, and compound cuts.

Using A Miter Saw Protractor

Lexivon LX-230 Aluminum Miter Saw Protractor
Lexivon LX-230 Aluminum Miter Saw Angle Finder (Amazon’s Choice)

Here is how to use miter saw protractors:

  • Place the Protractor: Attach the tool against the miter saw’s fence, with the arm extending towards the saw blade.
  • Set the Desired Angle: Users can slide the protractor’s arm to the desired angle measurement marked on the protractor’s scale. Another alternative is to use a knob or locking mechanism on the protractor to lock it at the required angle.
  • Make the Cut: After setting the angle, users can proceed cutting with the miter saw. The protractor helps ensure that the workpiece is positioned correctly.

Benefits of Using Miter Saw Protractors

Here are some benefits of having miter saw protractors in the workshop:

Starrett Plastic Angle Finder
Starrett Plastic Angle Finder (Amazon’s Choice)
  • Precision: These protractors allow for precise angle measurements and settings, ensuring accurate cuts.
  • Versatility: They are versatile tools that can measure a wide range of angles, including miter cuts and bevel cuts. This versatility is particularly useful for complex projects that require multiple angle adjustments. 
  • Efficiency: Protractors provide efficiency to the workplace, helping woodshops save time, and produce better quality products.
  • Reduced Material Waste: Miter saw protractors can help minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of every woodworking operation.
  • Improved Safety: Accurate angle settings can also reduce the likelihood of errors that could lead to accidents.

Buying Tips

Miter saw protractors come in various designs, including manual variants with marked angle scales, as well as digital versions that provide more accurate and easy-to-read measurements. Some of the common brands in the market include GemRed, Lexivon, Mecurate, Saker, and Starrett, among others.

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