Digital Angle Gauge

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A digital angle gauge is an electronic measuring tool used to determine the angle of an object, or the inclination of a surface, with a high degree of accuracy. 

Also known as a digital inclinometer or digital protractor, the tool is common in various trades such as woodworking, metalworking, construction, and many more.

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Key Features and Uses

Here are some of the key features and uses of a digital angle gauge:

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  • Measurement Accuracy: Digital angle gauges provide highly accurate measurements of angles. This makes them suitable for tasks such as setting the angle of a saw blade or checking the level of a surface.
  • Digital Display: These electronic gauges come with a digital display that shows the measured angle in degrees, radians, as well as other units.
  • Zeroing Function: Most digital angle gauges have a zeroing function. This feature allows users to calibrate the gauge to a reference surface. This feature is useful for relative measurements.
  • Magnetic Base: Many digital angle gauges come with magnetic bases. This enables users to attach the tool to metal surfaces.
  • Hold and Freeze Functions: Some models offer features such as a “hold” or “freeze” function. This allows users to lock the measurement, making it easier to read in more difficult-to-reach locations.
  • Battery-Powered: Digital angle gauges are typically battery-powered and they consume low amounts of power.
  • Wide Range of Applications: These gauges are used in a variety of tasks. This includes checking the level of objects, setting angles on machinery and tools, aligning surfaces, and many more.

Buying A Digital Angle Gauge

When shopping for digital angle gauges, consider the specific needs and the level of precision required for the woodworking tasks at hand. 

Digital angle gauges come in various brands, designs and sizes. Some may even have additional features such as data logging, Bluetooth connectivity for remote readings, or integration with smartphone apps. 

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