Woodworking Book by Michael Pekovich

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The woodworking book “The Why & How of Woodworking: A Simple Approach to Making Meaningful Work” is a book by US-based magazine Fine Woodworking art director Michael Pekovich.

Enthusiasts and budding professionals can order the book’s Kindle or hardcover edition on Amazon by clicking here.

Woodworking Book (Key Features)

Here are some of The Why & How of Woodworking’s key features:

  • Basics: The book highlights the basics of the trade starting from careful lumber selection, to accurate joinery cutting and finishing.
  • Simple and Meaningful: The book teaches a simpler way to create durable boxes and furniture.
  • Design and Building: Basically, the book provides information on designing and building various projects. This includes cabinets, tables, boxes, chests, and caseworks.
  • Photos: The book includes beautifully shot photographs of various processes. Some pictures also feature author and educator Michael Pekovich himself in action.


Currently, “The Why & How of Woodworking” is enjoying a rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon (732 ratings) and a 4.5 score on Goodreads. The book has also garnered favorable reviews from experts within the community. 

Fine Woodworking deputy editor Jonathan Binzen is all praises for his colleague, stating that “like the furniture Michael Pekovich builds, his book is disarmingly and unfailingly useful.” Furthermore, he also praised the author for the rich information contained in this instructional, which he commends for being “lucidly explained and illustrated.”

Meanwhile, woodworking and DIY magazine Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement has this to say about the book: “As practical as it is inspirational, I think that any woodworker will thoroughly enjoy The Why and How of Woodworking.”

About the Author

Author Michael Pekovich is a respected furniture maker and graphic designer, Pekovich has recently started channeling his energy into sharing his knowledge. Some of his teaching ventures include classes and workshops at the Connecticut Valley School and the Marc Adams school.

Another Michael Pekovich-authored title worth checking on Amazon is Foundations of Woodworking: Essential Joinery Techniques and Building Strategies.

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