Bookcases, Cabinets & Built-Ins

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Bookcases, Cabinets & Built-Ins is a woodworking book authored by Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking. Published by Taunton Press, the book features how-to articles from the latest issues of the aforementioned magazines

The book aims to help carpenters, woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels build their own storage solutions. This includes wooden bookcases, cabinets, and built-ins that can house books, sports gears, toys, tools, and kitchen utensils, to name a few.

Currently, the title is a “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon (under the Home Furniture category), where it has a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Bookcases, Cabinets & Built-Ins: Key Features

Here are some of the book’s key offerings:

  • 25 how-to articles on how to create sturdy and attractive projects.
  • Receive invaluable knowledge from some of America’s proficient craftsmen.
  • Learn how to build bookcases, entertainment system built-ins, mudroom clutter solutions, and kitchen cabinets.

About the Authors and Publishers

  • Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding is one of the most widely read residential construction magazines in America today. Basically, the magazine covers a broad range of topics related to building and renovating homes. This includes techniques, materials, tools, design ideas, and professional advice.

The magazine is best-known for its in-depth articles, how-to guides, and project showcases.

  • Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking is a popular magazine that focuses on the craft of woodworking. Founded in 1975, the magazine’s articles feature various techniques, types of wood, as well as tools and finishes.

Furthermore, Fine Woodworking also showcases high-quality projects to emphasize the level of skill involved to accomplish them.

  • Taunton Press

Taunton Press is the publisher behind titles such as Fine Homebuilding, Fine Woodworking, and Fine Gardening, among others. Established in 1975, in Newtown Connecticut, the company is best-known for publishing periodicals, books, and websites for various trades.

Fields of interests that Taunton usually cover include woodworking, home building, home design, gardening, cooking, and other crafts.

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