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The wood finishing book Understanding Wood Finishing: How to Select and Apply the Right Finish is a popular book on woodworking and finish techniques. 

Authored by Bob Flexner, the book is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable information on wood finishes, helping both beginners and experienced woodworkers achieve professional-looking results. Furthermore, the book boasts 300 photos, as well as 40 reference tables and troubleshooting guides. 

Currently, Understanding Wood Finishing is enjoying a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, with a 4.5 score on Goodreads.

Understanding Wood Finishing: An Overview

Here is an overview of what readers can expect from this wood finishing book:

  • Introduction to Wood Finishing: Understanding Wood Finishing introduces readers to the importance of finishing in protecting wood from various factors.
  • Types of Wood Finishes: The book covers a wide range of wood finishes including oils, varnishes, and water-based finishes etc.
  • Choosing the Right Finish: One of the key aspects of the book is helping readers select the right finish for their woodworking projects.
  • Applying Finishes: Flexner goes into detail on how to apply different finishes with his step-by-step instructions and tips.
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving: Woodworking and finishing can come with challenges. The book addresses common issues and provides solutions to these problems. 
  • Special Projects: The book covers specific projects and scenarios such as refinishing furniture, and finishing wood floors, among others.
  • Photos: The book comes with 300 photos to help readers gain a deeper grasp of the topic.

About the Author

Bob Flexner has authored several woodworking titles for the past 30 years and is also a regular contributor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodshop News. Moreover, Flexner has also owned and run his own furniture making and restoration shop for the past four decades.

Other available Bob Flexner titles on Amazon: Flexner on Finishing and Wood Finishing 101

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