Kitchen Cabinet Maker Book by Bob Lang

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The kitchen cabinet maker book titled The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker focuses on woodworking and cabinetmaking. Basically, the Bob Lang-authored book aims to provide detailed instructions and guidance for individuals interested in designing and building their own cabinets.

The Fox Chapel-published book is currently labeled “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon and is available on paperback and spiral-bound (readers can purchase the book here). 

The Complete Kitchen Cabinet Maker

In this book, readers can expect to find information on various aspects of cabinetmaking, including:

  • Design: The book provides guidance on designing kitchen cabinets, including considerations for size, style, and functionality.
  • Measurements: The book teaches how to measure rooms and plan the fitting dimensions for the cabinets.
  • Construction Techniques: It also details instructions on cabinet construction techniques, including joinery, assembly methods, and finishing.
  • Tools and Materials: Information on the tools and materials needed for cabinetmaking, as well as tips on selecting the right ones.
  • Step-by-Step Projects: The book includes step-by-step projects with plans and illustrations to help readers build their own kitchen cabinets.
  • Tips and Tricks: Bob Lang shares his expertise and also provides tips and tricks to make the cabinetmaking process safer and more efficient.
  • Finishing and Installation: In addition, The Complete Kitchen Cabinet Maker also offers knowledge on finishing techniques, as well as guidance on how to install the cabinets in the kitchen.

Other Titles From the Author

Robert W. Lang, better known as Bob Lang, was Popular Woodworking magazine’s executive director for 10 years. He is also a contributor to Fine Woodworking and Woodshop News, and has written several woodworking books as well.

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Other Titles From Fox Chapel

Fox Chapel Publishing is a Pennsylvania-based publishing company that is best-known for nonfiction titles such as woodworking and specialty craft books and magazines.

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