Edge Bander

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An edge bander (also known as an edge banding machine) is a woodworking equipment used in the process of applying decorative bands to the edges of wood-based panels. This includes plywood, particleboard, or MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard).

Basically, edge banding serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, as it covers and protects exposed edges of the panel, while also providing a finished and polished look to the piece of furniture or cabinet.

Edge Bander Key Features

Here are some key features and functions of an edge banding machine:

  • Edge Application: Edge banders are useful for applying strips of material (usually made of PVC, ABS, and wood, among others) to the edges of a panel. This covers exposed edges and provides a finished look.
  • Gluing: Edge banding machines typically apply adhesive to the edge of the panel and the edge band itself. 
  • Trimming: After applying the edge band, the machine often has trimming units that remove excess material from the top and bottom edges of the panel.
  • Fine Trimming: Some advanced edge banding machines have additional fine trimming units that provide a precise and smooth edge finish.
  • Scraping and Buffing: Some edge banders also come with scraping and buffing units. This allows users to remove any imperfections, excess glue, or rough edges.
  • Edge Preheating: Some edge banders can preheat the material to improve adhesive bonding.
  • Panel Thickness Adjustment: Users can also adjust the machine to accommodate different panel thicknesses.

Edge Banders on Amazon

Edge banding machines can vary in size and complexity. They usually range from small, portable units for small workshops, to large, automated systems designed for industrial facilities. 

Here are some available edge banders on the leading e-commerce platform Amazon (in random order):

  1. Edge Bander by MS Full Sea
  1. Edge Banding Machine by Yuchengtech
  1. Portable Edge Banding Machine by UwinVwin
  1. Automatic Edge Banding Machine by Yuchengtech
  1. Edge Banding Machine/Gluing Machine by PreAsion
  1. Yuchengtech Edge Bander with Linear Trimmer and Cutter 
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