DeWalt Combo Kit (10-Tool Set)

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DeWalt combo kit features ten of the most essential power tools for almost every woodworking task and application.

Power tools are also common fixtures in trades such as construction, metalworking, and housework, among others.

DeWalt Combo Kit

Here are the tools included in the lineup (all 20v):

  • DCS380B Reciprocating Saw: A reciprocating saw employs a push-and-pull motion to cut through various materials. DeWalt’s reciprocating saw features a keyless blade clamp for quick blade changes.
  • DCS391B Circular Saw: Circular saws consist of a circular blade with sharp teeth that can cut through various materials including wood. The DCS391B circular saw comes with a 6-½” carbide blade.
  • DCS355B Oscillating Tool: Oscillating tools are suitable for various tasks such as cutting, sanding, and grinding, among others. The DCS355B comes with a Dual-Grip variable speed trigger, providing users with improved speed and application control.
  • DCD771 Drill/Driver: This power tool works as a drill and a driver, making it useful for drilling holes, as well as tightening or loosening screws. The DCD 771 boasts 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability.
  • DCF885 Impact Driver: An impact driver is useful for loosening or tightening screws and fasteners quickly. The DCF885 can deliver a maximum torque of 1,400 pounds. 
  • DCL040 Work Light: A light-emitting diode (LED) work light can light specific spaces in the woodshop. The DCL040 brings 110 Lumens of brightness.
  • DCG412B Grinder: A grinder is suitable for various cutting and grinding applications. The DCG412B grinder comes with a 8,000 RPM motor. 
  • DCE100B Blower: The DCE100B blower is suitable for clearing debris, cleaning joints, and tuckpointing, among others.
  • DCV517 Hand Vacuum: The DC517 comes with a Gore HEPA wet/dry filter which traps 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns. This is crucial in preventing the inhalation of dust and other unwanted particles.
  • DCR006 Bluetooth Speaker: Last but not least, this DeWalt power tools combo also comes with a bluetooth jobsite speaker. The DCR006 allows users to stream music from various devices.
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