Angle Grinder

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An angle grinder is a versatile handheld power tool commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, and other applications. It consists of a motor-driven spindle to which a rotating abrasive disc is attached.

Basically, the primary purpose of an angle grind is to grind, cut, polish, or sand various materials, depending on the type of disc or attachment used.

Angle Grinders in Woodworking

  • Shaping and Carving: Angle grinders with carving or shaping attachments are useful for creating intricate designs or contours on wooden surfaces.
  • Deburring and Smoothing: Crafters can fit a sanding or flap disc attachment on an angle grinder. This allows the tool to remove rough edges, burrs, or splinters from wood.
  • Removing Old Paint or Finish: When fitted with a stripping disc, a grinder becomes suitable for removing old paint or finish from furniture or cabinets.
  • Cutting and Notching: Using the appropriate blade, angle grinders can also work as alternative wood cutting tools.
  • Removing Nails or Screws: Angle grinders are also effective for cutting or grinding down protruding nails and screws. 
  • Rustic Furniture: Woodworkers can also use angle grinders to create rustic furniture. This is made possible by using the power tool’s capability to distress and weather wood, giving the workpiece an aged appearance.

Buying An Angle Grinder

There are a wide variety of angle grinders and attachments for different tasks and applications. Here are some of them (in no specific order):

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