Bandsaw Box Book by David Picciuto

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The bandsaw box book titled The New Bandsaw Box Book: Techniques & Patterns for the Modern Woodworker is written by David Picciuto of the popular YouTube channel Make Something. Basically, the book focuses on teaching how to make a wooden bandsaw box, which is a favorite project among woodworkers.

Readers can purchase the book (Kindle and Paperback formats) on Amazon where it has a score of 4.7/5 stars (968 ratings). Currently, the woodworking title is also enjoying a 4.1 score on Goodreads.

What Are Bandsaw Boxes?

Bandsaw boxes are wooden boxes or containers that woodworkers can create using a bandsaw. These boxes have less shape restrictions as opposed to traditional boxes that are limited to straight sides and square corners.

Moreover, bandsaw boxes also provide crafters more artistic options as they allow for the creation of intricate shapes and patterns on wood.

The New Bandsaw Box Book: Key Features

Here are some key features that readers can expect from Picciuto’s first book:

  • The book offers tons of wooden box-making challenges, while requiring minimal material. This is particularly helpful for newbies who are working with limited resources.
  • The book presents a collection of boxes that readers can easily build using a bandsaw.
  • Picciuto introduces the projects in an engaging, step-by-step manner.

About the Author

The New Bandsaw Box Book author David Picciuto is best-known as the host and creator of the YouTube channel Make Something. Before pursuing woodworking, Picciuto has also delved into photography, graphic design, and video, as well as web development.

“My goal is to inspire your own natural creativity–to think about how the ideas I present can fit with your space and your style,” Picciuto stated in an interview.

Here are other titles from Picciuto:

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