Arbor Press

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An arbor press is a simple machine used for tasks that require a controlled amount of force to be applied to a workpiece. It consists of a frame, a lever, and an arbor or ram that users can press down onto the workpiece. 

Basically, arbor presses are suitable for smaller jobs. This includes applications such as assembly work, riveting, stamping, bending, and other tasks that involve pressing, flattening, or forming materials.

In woodworking, an arbor press is useful for tasks such as pressing in dowels, bearings, or other small components, among others.

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Arbor Press Uses

Here are some of the common uses of arbor presses in woodworking:

HHIP 8600-0031 Heavy Duty Arbor Press
HHIP 8600-0031 Heavy Duty Arbor Press
  • Installing or Removing Bearings: This machine can press bearings into wooden components, ensuring a snug and secure fit. In addition, they are also useful for removing bearings.
  • Press-Fit Joinery: They provide a precise and strong connection for woodworking joints that require a tight fit. This includes mortise and tenon joints, dowels, or wooden brushings.
  • Grommet and Eyelet Installation: Woodworkers can employ arbor presses to install grommets, eyelets, and other hardware into wooden materials. This makes the tool useful for leatherworking and canvas applications.
  • Punching Holes: Users can operate the equipment with hole punch attachments to create holes in wood for various purposes. This includes adding finger pulls or creating clean openings for cable routing. 
  • Bending and Shaping Metal: Some woodworking projects may require metal components, such as hardware or brackets. Using the appropriate dies, arbor presses can bend or shape metal parts to the desired configuration.
  • Embossing and Stamping: Woodworkers can use arbor presses with custom dies to emboss or stamp designs on wooden surfaces.
  • Laminating or Gluing: The tool can help apply even pressure when bonding multiple layers of wood, as in veneering or laminating operations.
  • Assembly or Clamping: They can serve as clamps during glue-ups or assembly to ensure correct alignment and tight glue joints.
  • Reshaping Wood: In some cases, an arbor press is suitable for reshaping or flattening small, thin pieces of wood. This is particularly handy when working with thinner veneers or delicate wooden components. 
  • Custom Tool and Jig Fabrication: Woodworkers often use arbor presses to create custom tools, jigs, and fixtures that aid in various processes.
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