Wood Plug Cutter

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A wood plug cutter is a specialized woodworking tool used to create wooden plugs or dowels from the same type of wood as the workpiece. Woodworkers can use these plugs or dowels to cover or fill holes.

Suitable for joinery and furniture-making projects, a wood plug cutter works in tandem with a drill press or a handheld drill.

Buying A Wood Plug Cutter

Here are some factors to consider when buying wood plug cutters:

  • Material and Construction: Know the material and construction of the tool. Wood plug cutters are typically made of high-quality steel or carbide construction for durability and sharpness. Some may also come with tungsten carbide cutting edges for longer life and precision.
  • Cutting Size Options: Wood plug cutters are available in various sizes allowing users to create plugs or dowels of different diameters.
  • Adjustable Depth: Many plug cutters have an adjustable depth stop to control the plug’s length.
  • Counterbore Function: Some variants come with a built-in counterbore function, which allows users to create a hole for the plug in the same operation.
  • Hex Shank: Many plug cutters have a hex shank. This makes them compatible with quick-change drill chucks for easy and secure attachment to a drill. 
  • Cutting Edge: Cutters have precision-ground cutting edge for clean and accurate cuts in the wood.
  • Flutes or Serrations: They also come with flutes and serrations on their cutting edge. This helps remove wood chips and debris during the cutting process.

Handling Safety

Handling safety when using a wood plug cutter is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some guidelines for a safer woodworking experience:

  • Training: Training is crucial in establishing safe and efficient practices in the workplace.
  • Sharp Blades: Keep the blades sharp at all times. Dull blades can cause accidents and result in poor-quality plugs.
  • Follow Proper Techniques: Use a controlled, even pressure while cutting ro prevent kickback. Avoid overloading the wood plug cutter or forcing it through the wood.
  • Dust Collection: Use a vacuum cleaner or dust collection system to minimize wood dust. 
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