Log Peeler

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A log peeler (also known as a debarker) is a tool used for debarking, which is the process of removing the bark from wood to prepare them for further processing or woodworking projects. They are attached to chainsaws and typically have a handle and a roller with blades.

Basically, log peelers are designed to efficiently strip the bark from the wood, making it easier to process for various purposes. This includes woodworking, firewood production, or pulp and paper production.

Debarking Benefits

Debarking wood is the process of removing the bark from a tree or a wooden log. This is essential for various reasons, including:

  • Wood Processing: Debarking is often a necessary step in the processing of timber. Removing the bark can make the wood easier to work with.
  • Pest Control: Barks can harbor insects, fungi, and other pests that can damage the wood. The process of debarking can help eliminate these potential sources of infestation.
  • Firewood Preparation: Debarking can help the wood dry quickly. This helps the wood to burn more efficiently, reducing the amount of ash produced in the process.
  • Aesthetic Purposes: Debarking is also useful for decorative or aesthetic purposes. Logs with removed barks have a cleaner, more polished appearance. This makes them suitable for furniture, construction, or landscaping applications. 

Buying A Log Peeler

When shopping for log peelers, always determine the needs and the tasks at hand. These tools also come in various sizes to accommodate different log diameters. 

It is also important to consider the logs’ intended use, including building log cabins, making furniture, or creating decorative objects. This will help woodworkers choose the appropriate style and size of the log peeler.

Other alternatives to these chainsaw attachment peelers include drawknife log peelers and power log peelers. Drawknife log peelers are manual variants that resemble knives, but with handles at both ends. On the other hand, power log peelers are electric or gas-powered versions that are suitable for larger projects.

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