Black and Decker Tools (Combo Set)

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Black and Decker Tools combo set features four essentials including a cordless drill/driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and a LED work light. Woodworkers can use this kit to tackle various tasks in woodworking and home improvement, among others.

Basically, each power tool included comes with a couple of 20V MAX lithium ion batteries for cordless operation. The batteries are also compatible with other Black+Decker tools.

Black+Decker Power Tool Combo

Below are the four power tools included in the kit:

  • Drill/Driver: This power tool works as a drill and a driver, making it useful for boring holes, as well as tightening or loosening screws. Black+Decker’s compact and lightweight drill/driver comes with an 11-position clutch to help prevent stripped screws. It also has an LED to illuminate work surfaces.
  • Circular Saw: A circular saw is a power tool that consists of a circular blade with sharp teeth that can cut wood, plastic, or metal. Included in this kit is a circular saw that features a high-torque motor, a 5 1-2 inch blade, and a bevel adjustment with detents at 45° and 90°.
  • Reciprocating Saw: A reciprocating saw features a blade that moves back-and-forth, which allows it to cut through materials quickly. This Black and Decker Tools combo set has a saw that is equipped with a 3,000 spm motor, a variable-speed trigger, and an electric brake, among other features.
  • Work Light: Last but not least, Black+Decker’s 4-tool kit comes with a rechargeable light-emitting diode (LED) work light. This device can illuminate various work environments such as workshops and construction sites, to name a few. Included in the set is a work light with up to 70 lumens and 11 hours of runtime.

Handling Safety

Safety is of utmost importance in woodworking. Here are some guidelines for safer woodworking operations using power tools:

  • Seek training from an experienced professional
  • Inspect the tools before use
  • Use the right power tool for the job
  • Always keep the tools in good working condition
  • Disconnect when not in use
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